1001 interesting facts about BellyDance

After 40 years of the investigation Wendy Ouwehand is writing a book about the development of Belly Dance in the Netherlands, and the current situation of the Belly Dance in the Netherlands. The book will be published this autumn, 2018. It is about diversity and many-sidedness of the dance which is, unfortunately, very often still a “closed book” for the audience, something deemed unknown and unusual.The author tells about variety of styles from different countries, proper costumes, matching music and ways of performance.

In the first part a reader will discover cultural and spiritual roots of the dance form, will read about diverse attributes and accessories used during performances e.g.veils, canes, fans, cymbals etc. A subject of masculinity versus femininity in Belly Dance will be brought up by the writer. A question of prejudice, especially in the media, and ways how to deal with it, will be raised, as well.
In the second part a reader will find out about the author’s own dance experience, her vision of methodology, didactic skills and pedagogy, and will get tips about choreography, oriental make-up and costumes.

In the third part stories of different dancers and coaches in the Netherlands will come up, including foreign teachers.The selection has been done on the basis of each province in the country.
The main objective of the book is to diminish prejudice and emphasize that this dance style is a serious dance form and has its own artistic role on stage.

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