Dance Disciplines

The dance disciplines in the Bellydance Championships are Belly dance, Arab folk dance and Bellydance Fusion. According to the rules of the competition these are the criteria for every discipline.

Belly Dance:

Based on the classic style Raqs Sharqi. Allowed are classical oriental, (Turkish) floor
dance, Takseem, drumsolo classical style, Baladi and classic dans routines including
show folkloric pieces or entrance with accessories.

The following props (or stage accessories) are permitted: zills, tambourine, veil, canes
(sticks), sword. Isis Wings may be used only at the initial part or at the final part of the
dance. It is not allowed to apply acrobatic movements and/or lifts.

Music that is common for Belly Dance. The music should have an oriental base
and should contain slow and fast movements. A piece of music in a pop version or
pop music may be used as long as the above is taken into account.


Arab folk dance (Saïdi, Shamadan, Eskanderia/Melaya Leff, Tambourine, Debke,
Derwish/Tanoura, Ghawazee dance with stick, Hagalla, Baladi Shaabi Nubian, Fallahi,
Zaar (trance), Saudi or Khaleegy, Iraqi, Roman Havasi).

The dancer should wear a corresponding costume and should use characteristic
movements, manners and themes which are specific for the chosen genre.

Music should be in the folkloric style.

Belly Dance Fusion

Oriental technique and/or drumsolo, mixed with other dance styles, like Spanish/Flamenco, Rumba, Tango, Jazz, modern dance, African dance, Samba, Bollywood, acrobatic dance, Pharaonic dance. The oriental technique should prevail. Tribal belongs to this category as well.

All kinds of stage props may be used, and likewise all types of costumes. Acrobatic movements and lifts are allowed (in the Adults category only). Attributes and props may be used as long as the dancer can lay these out and remove these herself in one single walk to/from the performance place without any help of others.

Permitted props: feather boa, candles, Isis wings, veil, fans, poi, fan veils, other kinds provided this is agreed with the Organisation (please notify us beforehand). These props are permitted during the whole dance.

Music: all music which suits Belly Dance Fusion, which therefore can be all kinds of music.

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