Jury criterium: image

​Your performance starts while you are waiting in the wings and ends when you have left the stage. As soon as you enter the room the jury starts judging you and your entrance is the very first impression it gets, so make sure to make it count.

A beautiful image starts with a ‘wow’-entrance and a gorgeous outfit. Your costume should have a perfect fit, enhance your beauty and personality and be appropriate for your dance style. Hair is often undervalued but a good hair style and accessories make all the difference between looking slightly amateurish and highly polished. As for jewelry: there is no such thing as too much glitter and glam.

Make-up is the finishing touch. A stage make-up requires a different approach than your every day look, for stage light tends to make your face look ‘flat’. Be generous in your application of color, accentuate your eyes and lips, ‘sculpt’ your cheek bones and avoid brownish colors for they will look ‘muddy’. You may want to invest in a few tutorials to master this art which is also great fun.

A confident demeanor adds to your attraction. Belly dancers have a reputation for being expressive and extroverted, projecting their energy and liveliness toward the public, but an introverted dancer who draws our interest by her enigmatic smile and showing us occasional glimpses of her inner life can be just as intriguing. As long as introverted does not become shy and extroverted fake and ‘in the face’. Your most precious asset is your own personality and if it radiates through your dance in an authentic and natural manner, you will certainly grip your audience, whatever your temperament..

The image you want to project will also depends on your style: a mysterious veil dance or a cheeky melaya leff require different attitudes, to say the least. Immerse yourself in the the mood you want to portray, the energy you want to project, the story you want to tell: than make sure that every detail fits the total picture.

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