Jury criterium: show

​Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is the public (and the jury) having a good time, are they happy and enthousiastic, awe-inspired or moved to tears? Or are they bored stiff? Most people have an attention span of approximately one minute so you will have to find ways to keep the attention going. With too much is going on and no breathing space the audience will get exhausted and lose interest. Lack of variation causes boredom. Put too much ‘wow’ at the start and the rest of the piece will disappoint. Part of the performance requires sound thinking but leave out the emotions and your performance becomes sterile. You can put in all kind of trics and jokes and surprises and smile from ear to ear, but if your performance is fake people will notice.

Your audience needs to resonate with your personality to make the connection. It doesn’t matter what your style or personality is. A very exhuberant piece can score as highly as an introverted intimate picture. At the end of the day the big questions is: was the public moved by your performance? There are no real trics to accomplish this. It certainly helps to be thoroughly prepared and know your dance by heart so you feel confident on the stage.

Another good starting point is to be clear in your intentions: do you want to make the people laugh? Well, good for you! You want to make them cry? Go for it! And last of all: be authentic. Don’t restrict yourself to series of techniques or movements or a narrow vision of what a bellydancer should be and look like. An authentic bellydancer is always a pleasure to behold.

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