Jury criterium: technique

‚ÄčThe members of the jury will cast a very critical eye on that particular aspect of your dance that’s called ‘technique’ and they do expect a flawless execution. One way to improve your technique is to videotape yourself and watch yourself objectively (without beating yourself over the head). Are your snake arms flowing, are your hip kicks sharp and crisp, are you stomping around on the stage or placing your feet elegantly? You may want to brush up on your basic shimmies and isolations, which is always a good thing, even for the most seasoned and professional dancer.

Attention to detail will earn you these precious extra points and give you that certain edge over your competitors. It pays off to be aware of the characteristics of your particular style: posture, arm placement and foot work are slightly different for – lets say – an American Tribal Style and an Oriental dancer. Be aware of the singularities of your chosen style and use them to your advantage.

This is even more important when dancing in a fusion style. In that case the jury will judge both styles. In other words: when combining e.g. Spanish floreos with Oriental undulations, make sure to execute both movements flawlessly . And last but not least: if you mix two syles, don’t throw in bits and pieces of style A into style B, but blend them together into your own unique performance. After all you don’t want to present a drab and confusing picture to the audience, but a genuine, exciting and original piece of art.

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