General procedure

In order to enter the competition dancers are required to:

  • register by filling in the form on the Dutch Dance Sport site.
  • pay the contest fee which is 10 euro per person per category.

After registration you will be informed ways to pay and the procedure for sending us your music files. After receipt of your payment your registration is complete. The deadline for registration is February 22th, 2019. This is also the deadline for sending your music.

the committee reserve the rights to postpone or to cancel the competition in case of insufficient registrations.

Click here to register for Belly Dance Championship in Dutch
Click here to register for Belly Dance Championship in English
(you will be redirected to the website of Dutch Dance Sports)

Contest and Entrance Fee

EURO 10,- per person per category (to be paid in advance, no refunds, Registration is complete after payment).

Dance Styles and categories

  • Belly Dance Solo Adults
  • Belly Dance Duo Adults
  • Belly Dance Solo Juniors
  • Belly Dance Fusion Solo Adults
  • Belly Dance Fusion Duo Adults
  • Folklore Solo Adults
  • Folklore Duo Adults
  • Belly Dance Showteam Adults

(Adults = born in 2003 or earlier
Juniors = born in 2004 or later)

More information about the dance styles can be found in our general rules document and our blog posts. We also recommend this interesting article about the dance categories, written by Isis Zahara.

Before you register – General rules

The general rules is the most important document to get acknowledged with before you register for the belly dance competition. Please read them carefully!


The championships are organized under the auspices of Dutch Dance Sports. The organization committee consists of dancers Oxana, Violetta and Sadiya. They can be contacted by email.

Awards and Prizes:

Every winner (first, second, third place)  receives one award, (Duos and Show Teams receive 1 award), a certificate, and an individual prize (prizes will be announced later).


1. Please send your music as mp3 per email
2. Name your music file as follows: your name – category – round
3. The deadline for handing in your music is: 2 weeks before the championships. (Please send your music as soon as possible)
4. Please check the minimum and maximum time limits of your music carefully (you can find it in the rules). If your music is too long, we will cut your music off at the maximum time limit. We will not send you an email about this.


You are not allowed to make any photos during the contest.
We have our own photographers who will make beautiful photos. The photos will be available after the contest.

Publication of photo and video material for PR purposes

The organization of the championships will use photos and film which are made at the championships, for publicity purposes, to promote the belly dance championships. For example to use on a flyer or banner or to use in a trailer.

If you have an objection to this, please let the organization committee know before you compete (

We wish you a lot of fun and inspiration in the preparations and love to see your performance at our championships!
For questions and more ask your question to the organization